Danielle Taylor Erickson

My little girl loves Adventure Academy! They are always coming up with new and fun ways to learn and she looks forward to each day! Fun staff and great environment 🙂

Anastasia Ferguson

I am so glad I found Adventure Academy for my two kiddos!!! They have been such a great place for my kids to go to. I love all the activities they do and all the home cooked lunches they have. I enjoy getting daily pictures to see what they are learning because when I ask them what they did, it’s always “I don’t know”. The teachers put so much work and love towards these kids and I feel safe bringing them every day. Plus their summer program is so fun with all the water activities and weekly themes.

Nick Tieszen

My son goes here, and absolutely loves it. he has made so many friends and had so many different experiences with adventure academy.

Allie Christine Heathcoat

I truly can’t say enough amazing things about Adventure Academy. I was super nervous for my son to start preschool, because I’ve been a stay at home mom his entire life and he is also slightly on the spectrum, so I wasn’t sure how he was going to handle going to school with other kids and having new adult caregivers in his life. My fears disappeared immediately when he started here once I realized how comfortable he was with the other students and staff. My son absolutely loves going to Adventure Academy, and is always super excited when I drop him off every day . Not only have I noticed a tremendous academic growth in him, but he’s grown emotionally as well. The teachers here really go above and beyond for your kids, and they teach them so much and do a lot of fun activities. My son has learned many skills that I know will prepare him for Kindergarten and make the transition easier. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a fun and safe space for their kids to learn. Thanks again to the teachers! You are all amazing and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Begody Lynn

You want your kiddo to become a little busy bee? 🤔 Well, I cannot say too much about this place but overall absolutely AMAZING place. First time parent? &Have no family or friends around town you trust truly/know fully. Well take a seat and let's talk! 1st thing, they have CAMERAS! 2nd they update you hourly w/photos¬es on a app you pay on and view your child throughout the day. If you have ANY issues, cameras are in place for their protections. 2023&sad to say but these kids know how to do a (sh00ter drill) and they are as young as 5yrs old. Our baby girl is safe and she kept busy w/activities daily. Summer camp is a BLAST as well! If you EVER need help Angie is always there to give her all for you and to help you in anyways. Plus your little monsters will be walking out hand in hand w/yours. Telling you about their day.. Trust me, it's worth it. 😌

Vanessa Un

My son loved the summer camp at Adventure Academy 🥰 He made new friends and had lots of outdoor fun including water relay races 😃 Angie is amazing as well and answered any questions I had right away!